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  I just had to text you again and let you know

 u r a true eyelash artist

 I can't stop looking at my eyelashes, they are beautiful:)

People keep staring at me...and asking if they are my own!.

I love them!


                       Thank You for another great set of lashes!   


 I cannot rave enough about how good my lash extensions looked!
 Darlene's work was exceptional and meticulous, and made my miniscule Asian lashes look so good!
Her vision truly resonated with what I wanted and they exceeded my expectations (even after seeing the profound before/after photos).
It's so therapeutic chatting with her (and napping, which is allowed!) and she's delightful.
The lashes themselves are very durable and pretty, and when I mentioned that I sleep on my left and toss and turn in my
sleep, she put on some extra glue to ensure the quality of the extensions.
There's minimal damage from the extensions (if at all, maybe I just think mine are wimpy after because the extensions looked so great!) and I would definitely do it again 





                              OMG I can't stop looking at myself..TY

 I love my lashes...I feel like a movie star!!  Crystal

I absolutely love them!! They are so much fun

and are easy to care for!

 Walking in the rain to work has never felt so good! Hahaha.....AMY

A really cute guy keeps saying my eyes are mesmerizing

we have been on 2 dates !


          July 2013            

           FORT Mc MURRAY             

  They are utterly  gorgeous!


Darlene saved me!
 I had photos booked for my business head shots and wouldn't you know it...I had a bunch of eyelashes pinched off from my addiction to my eyelash curler.
 A quick appointment with Darlene and she made my eyes come alive with incredibly natural looking lashes added to my bald spot and a few extras here and there on both eyes!
Thank you Darlene - I felt beautiful even with a bald spot and only you and I knew the truth!

Darlene first did my lashes before my big trip to Europe and what a difference it made. 
I didnt have to worry about mascara or wearing a lot of make up as my lashes made my eyes pop and my photo's showed it.
I have been back for fills regularly and I just love them, they are my new must have. 
My own lashes have stayed thick and healthy and I can go 4 to 5 weeks before I need a fill.
I love going to Darlene's as the application is so relaxing and easy I find its my down time. 
I highly recommend them.

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