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 So why are there so many

different prices ?




 eyelash artist

less than one year

 you should only pay beginner prices

average $75 - $100 and anywhere from 2 -  3 hours for a n application

Experience comes with a lot of applications....I personally have done over 3000...and my time is down to less than an hour for an average set ...full  application


 inexpensive products

using medical tape instead of under eye pads

inexpensive adhesives that only adhere for 1 to 2 weeks....

I use medical grade adhesive

that is between $150 and $200

depending on what the Canadian dollar is at

.when it feels like its getting old I throw it out

and start on a new bottle

to ensure that your lashes will last. ( average client with normal wear and tear lasts 4 -6 weeks


some artists offer low prices and do not apply an eye lash extension to each  and every lash......they do half a set or 75% of them.....it is very common


I apply to every single lash at every full or fill  application


Not all artists will remove old or tired or even outgrown

old lashes when you get a fill.....

I always remove old and tired and replace till full

every single lash at every single visit


some lash artists will purchase lash supplies that are not great quality,

 including  the lashes....you can buy packages of plastic and nylon lashes that are not sanitary or adhere to adhesives well

resulting in a short and unhealthy life span

or using tape under your eyes instead of

aloe and vitamin E infused under eye pads

for comfort during your application


 “clusters, flares, and semi’s”
Cluster lashes

 "are not"

 applied individually to your natural lashes

They are  glued to a few natural lashes together

 and create the worst damage you will experience

besides feeling the pain of pulling

 you could end up with permanent damage......meaning bald spots or bad breakage that takes months to repair

 Your natural lash shed cycle is completely disrupted

All the lashes  glued together

  keep growing at a different  pace

As they grow

 the lashes growing faster will pull on the follicles

of the slower growing lashes, causing such issues as:

 a burning/itching sensation  

a sty

eye infections

and the most common

 side effect: follicle damage/trauma

 resulting in fewer lashes

 bald spots where natural lashes will stop growing
 Natural lashes need to be able to shed

 independently of each other

When cluster lashes are applied

 damage and discomfort are GUARANTEED


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