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 Fort McMurray

and the women who wear lashes here

air pollution can be  very bad in our hometown

 especially if you work on site or in the pit

as seen in photo above " blepharitis" is a build up of dirt and bugs that have collected through the day that can cause inflammation, sties, and burning

It can be  very difficult to clean

......it is an essential part of wearing lashes to clean them at night after you wash your face

there are two ways to do this...ask me how when you are here...free cleaning kit and visual demonstration

I have noticed that some women

 who work where

 there is oil in the air

 [ on site or in the pit] experience

 lashes literally sliding off their

own natural lashes....yes very strange but understandable

 when you are aware that "oil" is not your friend when you wear lash extensions here....the oil in the air when it has direct contact will literally eat through the glue and those beautiful lash extensions slide right off.....

Please keep me updated with the "wear" of your lashes, my experience will help you

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