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Damaged Lashes


from an application

When you have a

 bad application

 or from someone who is new

 the application can damage your lashes

1. too much glue applied

2. too many lashes stuck together

3. poking on your eye lid

4 .burning on your eyelid line

5 .stye developing on eye lid line

6. eye infection

7. red puss filled eyes

8. you can see broken lashes

 (the worst are cluster lashes that do this kind of damage)

from wear and tear

1.signs of lashes bending

2. signs of lashes being pulled out

3.signs of bald spots along lash line

not sure why they are falling off

1.oil based make up remover

2.tanning bed visits

3.steamy sauna, showers, hot tubs within 24 - 48 hrs

4.playing, picking, pulling with them

5.sleeping on your stomach or side of face in pillow 

6.oil or argon oil based shampoos or conditioners

why are some bent?

sleeping with a soft pillow 

an posture pedic pillow is the best 

it is firmer and does not allow eyes to fall into pillow but creates more distance while sleeping


 shedding quicker than usual?

shedding time for you 

everybody sheds their eyelashes at a different  rate

 stress can add to quicker shedding times 

I usually see this with brides and brides mothers

Certain medications promote shedding far quicker than normal...example: Imuran ect

You are welcome to call me if you are questioning any kind of application or experience any of the above related symptoms

I have some valuable advice that can and will help you with damaged lashes....it is my specialty !

780 215 0042



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