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  Flip through any women’s magazine and you  are

greeted with  doe-eyed,

  thick-lashed models and movie stars

As we grow older, we may not be fortunate enough to have those voluminous eyelashes – naturally that is.

Experts say our lashes generally stop growing and become more sparse as we age.

   This is as true for us

as for anyone going through radiation 

chemotherapy and certain harsh medications that make our hair fall out, so what’s their

“beauty secret”?

Today, there are more options than ever for

natural-looking long lashes

Not only does each option offer

unique benefits

and drawbacks,

but each person may react differently to each method

   Finding what works well for each person may take some trial and error

Options today include:

Lash-enhancing medications

“These medications work with healthy hair follicles to stimulate length, thickness and darkness,” 

Both prescription and over-the-counter medications are available

 The prescription variety is a medication originally developed to treat glaucoma and is applied to the edge of the upper eyelid nightly

“Use it right above the lash line, very sparingly,”


The lashes appear darker in color, fuller and longer.  The stimulators are easy to use

The treatment works within 16 weeks though most patients see results in as little as two weeks.


The side effects of this medication can include:

Itchy, red eyes

Dry eyes

Darkened eyelids

Darkened brown pigmentation in the colored part of the eye (iris)

Hair growth around the eyes if the medication regularly runs or drips off the eyelids

To help minimize skin darkening

it’s important not to use more than the recommended dose daily.

Also, these medications are not  permanent

and they can be costly — about $150 for a

three-month supply.

“You’ll see the effects,” 

but when you stop using it

your lashes will gradually return

to their previous state

Lash extensions

It’s a very detailed and meticulous process of connecting an eyelash extension  lash to each natural lash with a special adhesive, hair by hair


“Lash extensions look very natural
and it’s a quick fix,” 

“Each lash extension is added one at a time to existing lashes, making it a luxury service,”


It can be expensive

Maintenance is required same as our nails

Be sure to have a professional

remove them...its easy and safer

“People who try to remove them themselves have lost a lot of lashes,” 

some permanent .....some temporary

False eyelashes

The “falsies” that can be found in just

t about any drugstore.


False eyelashes can be an inexpensive

easy and temporary way to enhance your eyelashes

They’re becoming more popular as an easy way to get great lashes

They’re also generally safe

as long as you choose the right ones

and you remove them right away

if you feel any irritation

“Look for false eyelashes that use surgical adhesive,” “If you don’t use the right adhesive

you can actually be pulling out your own lashes

when you take them off.”


It’s possible that some adhesives

as well as the solvents used to remove the lashes

can cause allergic reactions

including eye irritation

inflammation and infection

  Natural ways to


your lashes

1. wearing eyeliner accentuates your eyes

using powder or gel are better than liquid

pencils  are good too!

There is a "How To" video in  eyeliner

to enhance your lashes


for a free consultation I can help with alternative treatments for health improvement with lashes


780 215 0042

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