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by Darlene

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   I have been doing eyelashes since 2008

experience and meticulous detail

 is what it takes to make a great "eyelash artist"

  to attach individual lashes in the

   right thickness and right length in the 

      right position on a client

for an absolutely incredible looking set of

 eyelash extensions


What I can do for you?

Take your natural lashes to a whole new level with


design a CAT EYE affect

a NATURAL look for  the woman  on the go

Flirty  with a hint  of  pretty

GLAM for those who want to ROCK the  movie star look


Multiple Certifications

from various industry  leaders

Certified Eyelash Artist 

 since 2008


Business Owner of Alluring Lashes

  since 2008


"Advanced" Eyelash Artist 

 since 2011 


Eyelash Extension Trainer

 since 2012


Micro Blade Brow  Artist

since October 2016


Contact Us

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